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  • Take 2 on this blog post as when I had finished it the first time it deleted itself. As you can tell I am not the most techy person in the world.

    So this past weekend was the 1st ever KCR Convention. A long time coming but finally we had our 1st and hopefully this will be an annual event. Everyone who knows me knows how much I love my KCR clan. They are my family. If it wasn't for KCR I wouldn't have met most of them and definately wouldn't be the person I am today. My clan may not meet up very often but when we do its amazing. We may be scattered all across the world but we are always connected. We know when each other need a little help and support without speaking and know that they are always there no matter what.

    We had 3 amazing speakers for the convention. 2 of them are KCR practitioners. The 1st was Rasmus Gaupp-Berghausen who discussed vibrational energy, water, heart rate variable and music. (www.aquaquinta.com) Rasmus even hooked Nikki up to his special machine that records HRV and converts it into music. The 2nd Alan Speirs KCR practitioner and Heart Math instructor. Alan also discussed HRV but gave us some cool tips and techniques to help manage our own stresses. The 3rd and last speaker was Matt Thornton a KCR practitioner and Hado instructor. He discussed Hado, the vibration of water. We all need to really start to cherish our water and look after it. (www.matt-thornton.com) These guys all brough something unique to the convention and gave us all something to think about. They were fantastic.

    After the convention we all dispersed to get our glad rags on. Hugh the creator of KCR and clan daddy was a little under the weather but his good lady Jane stepped in and took amazing care of us all. Momma Jane was calm, graceful and perfect as always. They had created a fantastic slide show to show the story of KCR after the dinner. It was wonderful seeing the old photographs of Hugh and Jane. You could see their love grow and blossom throughout the pictures. I don't think that was the aim but it was obvious for us all to see. They included pictures of places and people they feel had an impact upon the KCR story. And those they feel have been important within the KCR journey were given a stunning Caithness glass award. I am not telling you who all got an award as it it each of our stories to tell individually.

    I was blessed and honoured to be bestowed one of the awards for being a KCR Foundation Builder. I am still quite perplexed at getting such an award for getting to do what I love but much love and gratitude to Hugh, Jane and the Clan for this beautiful award. I love having the opportunity to go along and assist on the courses and getting to meet our new clans people. I think I have experienced just about every emotion possible this weekend. A truly heart warming experience.

    Much love to all, Mahalo to my clan.

    KCR is changing the world one person at a time.  

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