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  • Take 2 on this blog post as when I had finished it the first time it deleted itself. As you can tell I am not the most techy person in the world.

    So this past weekend was the 1st ever KCR Convention. A long time coming but finally we had our 1st and hopefully this will be an annual event. Everyone who knows me knows how much I love my KCR clan. They are my family. If it wasn't for KCR I wouldn't have met most of them and definately wouldn't be the person I am today. My clan may not meet up very often but when we do its amazing. We may be scattered all across the world but we are always connected. We know when each other need a little help and support without speaking and know that they are always there no matter what.

    We had 3 amazing speakers for the convention. 2 of them are KCR practitioners. The 1st was Rasmus Gaupp-Berghausen who discussed vibrational energy, water, heart rate variable and music. (www.aquaquinta.com) Rasmus even hooked Nikki up to his special machine that records HRV and converts it into music. The 2nd Alan Speirs KCR practitioner and Heart Math instructor. Alan also discussed HRV but gave us some cool tips and techniques to help manage our own stresses. The 3rd and last speaker was Matt Thornton a KCR practitioner and Hado instructor. He discussed Hado, the vibration of water. We all need to really start to cherish our water and look after it. (www.matt-thornton.com) These guys all brough something unique to the convention and gave us all something to think about. They were fantastic.

    After the convention we all dispersed to get our glad rags on. Hugh the creator of KCR and clan daddy was a little under the weather but his good lady Jane stepped in and took amazing care of us all. Momma Jane was calm, graceful and perfect as always. They had created a fantastic slide show to show the story of KCR after the dinner. It was wonderful seeing the old photographs of Hugh and Jane. You could see their love grow and blossom throughout the pictures. I don't think that was the aim but it was obvious for us all to see. They included pictures of places and people they feel had an impact upon the KCR story. And those they feel have been important within the KCR journey were given a stunning Caithness glass award. I am not telling you who all got an award as it it each of our stories to tell individually.

    I was blessed and honoured to be bestowed one of the awards for being a KCR Foundation Builder. I am still quite perplexed at getting such an award for getting to do what I love but much love and gratitude to Hugh, Jane and the Clan for this beautiful award. I love having the opportunity to go along and assist on the courses and getting to meet our new clans people. I think I have experienced just about every emotion possible this weekend. A truly heart warming experience.

    Much love to all, Mahalo to my clan.

    KCR is changing the world one person at a time.  

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    What is KCR??? 07 October 2016 | Comments (0)

    Right so "What is KCR?" well to me its a life saver. I have been a KCR practitioner for 4 years now and without it I wouldn't be following my heart and being a therapist. This protocol has given me so much personally and allowed me to help so many other people. Let me explain.

    December 2011 I had a fall that really changed everything for me. Nothing was broken and I did get checked at hospital, they found nothing wrong but I was in agony. I slipped on black ice landing firmly on my bum. That evening I went to bed but the next morning when I woke up I couldn't roll over onto my side never mind getting up, I needed help to get out of bed. That's when I went to the hospital to get checked out. I couldn't stand up straight and the pain when I moved made me feel physically sick. Taking pain killers didn't even take the edge off the pain.

    For the next 11 months I lived with this pain. No option but to get on with it, I had my son, our home, college and my voluntary work. At college I would get a massage which gave me some temporary relief but the pain would just keep coming back. A friend came in to be a case study for me for my Advanced Reflexology and was telling me about this new course she had just been on and she thought it could help me. Kinetic Chain Release better known as KCR.

    I had a look on the website and had a little chuckle to myself as I thought there is no way this can do everything it says it can. But who was I kidding I was willing to try anything as I was very aware I was going to need to give up on my much loved career choice. I booked for the next training course November 2012.

    I arrived bright and early for the training, sat myself in the back row of seats with my doubts and questions. This tall, pony tail wearing, bearded man introduced himself as Hugh the founder and developer of KCR and the lady to his left was his partner Jane. He went onto explain he was a Physiotherapist from Glasgow and he practiced physio out in Canada (where he met Jane). This is where he spent over 20 years developing the KCR protocol and when it was perfected they both moved back to Scotland. I thought okay you should know what you are talking about but still I wanted proof, I needed to be shown and to feel it working. Hugh's teaching method is so gentle step by step and always starting at the begining. We got to work, constantly working with different people in the group as we learnt the different mobilizations. Still I wasn't impressed.

    I left after the first day thinking I had wasted my time. I didn't feel any different and was still in pain. Yes I wanted a quick fix, I wanted immediate pain relief. Some people do get this others it may be a few hours or even a day or 2 later they notice the difference. I got home a bit deflated and cuddled up on the couch with the other half. This was my turning point.

    I watched a film without moving to stretch, without moaning I was in pain, without being in pain. I was excited and terrified at the same time. Was the pain that bad I had become numb? If I moved would it come back? I didn't want to move. My other half got up and gingerly helped me to my feet. No Pain. I walked around the room, still no pain. I could touch my toes with, yip you guessed it no pain. Could this guy be onto something? Could KCR really help resolve pain?

    YES YES YES. My pain had gone. I went back the next day and completed the course still pain free. Okay so this KCR thing did work. I was hooked. At that point there was only 1 more level to do KCR Level 2 (The Body Remembers and The Heart Already Knows). Wow. Thats the only word I have to descride level 2. After this Hugh created more courses to share his knowledge with those of us who wanted to learn, to help ourselves and help others. We now have Level 3 (Visions of the past, Memories of the Future), Accredied practitioner (a yearly certification process where Hugh checks we are still being pure with KCR), Connective Tissue Release (The Hugh Gilbert Method), KCR level 4 (Free the Unicorn, Unlock your full potantial), Connective Tissue Release level 2 and Postural Energetics. Each and every one of these courses is so unique and gives so many gifts that at first you may not even recognise as a gift.

    I am sharing my experience with you all as I feel it's so important as to why I always talk about KCR. KCR gave me my body back and in turn gave me my life back. I get to share this with as many of you who are willing to try.

    So what actually is KCR and the process of KCR? It is a beautiful protocol which corrects an apparent leg length difference, alleviating pain through a gentle set of mobilizations and stretches. We start with your ankles and work our way up through your joints putting them back into the correct allignment.

    Now we are on a new journey with KCR. We (27 of us in the UK) have teamed up with an American organisation called "Focus On Therapeutic Outcome Plc". Everyone who comes in for KCR will be asked to complete an intake survey on the FOTO database and then we email a second survey out 2 days later. This helps us create statistics about KCR and how it has helped you. We get compared with the full FOTO database (15 million cases) and they can give us details of the avarage number of treatments needed and how long it would normally take to resolve your pain. We want to show that KCR can stand with the big guys in pain management. Official statistics will be available from around January 2017. These surveys are so very important to us as they will give us the statistics and proof that others seek when looking for their pain management treatments. I am so grateful to those who have taken the time to complete our surveys already and will continue to be grateful to those who come for KCR and complete our surveys in the future.

    If you want more information about KCR please feel free to ask or alternatively you can check out the official KCR website on www.kineticchainrelease.com        

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